Organic Agriculture

Organic Agriculture




When we started the restruction of our ancient vineyards, our goal was to support the growth of endemic plants and animal life - small and large in an organic and symbiotic structure.

Our farm is a living and individual being and not an endless industrial monoculture or garden.

We are convinced that, if some "unwanted" visitor like a strange insect, an unwanted growth or animal enters the vineyard, nature will find ways to cope and to handle this in a harmonic way.

We activily support these natural life processes by manually cleaning unwanted growth - but let it grow the rest of the time. In the winter livestockas sheep and goats are cleaning and paying back with natural humus formations in our soil.

Our wish and dedication is to work with nature, in balance and with sustainability. 

To make wine is relatively easy:

Crush some grapes, fruits or berries and it will probably turn into wine all by itself.

To grow sustainable grapes and make good wine however, and to keep on making this good wine are at the same time both complicated and challenging tasks.

To work with respect to nature both in the vineyard and in the cellar is our dedication !

Working in balance with nature and never taking out more from the earth than we add to it.