Our Place


Wine Growing On Historical Ground

Our place, the Quinta das Mercês is built on centuries-old-ruins, and is located in the "old & original" Dão-wine region of Portugal, close to Coimbra.

The history of the Quinta and the village can be followed back through the centuries to ancient times. 

The Romans brought the wines to Portugal and that legacy is visible at many places around us.

It was previously one of the larger farms in the village, south of the famous Douro river and north of the

Serra da Estrela mountains.

Our Quinta with its 4 hectares of land has its own water source, a vinyard, many olive & fruit trees and

a bio-garden with vegetables. 


Our region is nearly undiscovered by tourism and little populated. To find an untouched and clean environment like this, is difficult in Europe.

The tranquility and peace of our place is incredibly beautiful.

Velkommen !!